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Where are you located?

Dublin, Ireland.

Is there a way to fix a bent post?

Yes! It's super easy! Grab a pliers and slowly bend it back into the correct position!

Why do most of your pins have 2 posts?

This prevents the pin from spinning around when you're wearing it! It also makes for a more secure grip!

What type of backer is the best?

The rubber backers my pins come with are great. But I also sell locking backs which are the best for keeping your pins secure.

What is a 'Seconds Sale'?

A 'Seconds Sale' is where I sell any pins with minor defects for cheaper!

Who is your manufacturer?

I don't tell people my manufacturer. It takes months-years of trial and error to find a good factory. Giving out my past manus information caused them to get so busy and the quality to decrease.

Can I stock your pins in my shop?

Sure! Send me an email at cosmicmermaidpins@gmail.com for my line sheet!